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Following a Passion

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The Beginning

I am a native of beautiful Loveland, Colorado and a lover of crafts. I have wonderful memories of visiting the vendors' tents throughout my childhood and seeing each artisans personal touch with jewelry, hand-carvings, paintings, sculptures, clothing, spice blends, talent, and creativity in general.  My favorite tents to visit, however, were those with homemade soap.  I was so impressed with the artisans who made soap and even more impressed that they were normal people.  They inspired me to learn their skill.  Now, over ten years later, I have been making, using, and sharing these soaps. Now, I am joining the rest of the artisans and sharing Crème, my very own homemade milk soap, with all of you!

Our Mission

To share our enjoyment of soap and soap making with our friends and family!

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