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New batches of soap are being made regularly and must be cured 6 weeks before use.  During the curing process, two things happen to the soap.  1) The chemical reactions that take place between the milk, oils and lye neutralize to produce a moisturizing soap that gently cleans the skin.  2)  Liquids within the soap evaporate to produce hard, long-lasting bars.

Take a look at what's currently curing!

Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bar is mild and moisturizing like our body soap, still containing whole milk and olive oil, but specially formulated for hair with the addition of apricot kernel, babassu, castor, and palm kernel oils.  We have fragrances curing, and we'll soon add a link so you can check them out.

Curious about the process?  Watch this video of our shampoo bars being made from set-up to curing.

Do you have a favorite fragrance you want to see in our collection?  We are always looking to expand what we can offer and really appreciate hearing your ideas.  Many of our new fragrances were inspired by customer requests!  Please send us a recommendation.

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