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Coming Soon

New batches of soap are being made regularly and must be cured 6 weeks before use.  During the curing process, two things happen to the soap.  1) The chemical reactions that take place between the milk, oils and lye neutralize to produce a moisturizing soap that gently cleans the skin.  2)  Liquids within the soap evaporate to produce hard, long-lasting bars.

Check out these fragrances that are currently curing!  They'll be done before you know it.

Shampoo Bars

We are in the process of developing shampoo bars, and have two options that are done curing.  If you've picked up a sample, and had the chance to try it out, please share your opinion with us by taking the following survey.

Do you have a favorite fragrance you want to see in our collection?  We are always looking to expand what we can offer and really appreciate hearing your ideas.  Many of our new fragrances were inspired by customer requests!  Please send us a recommendation.

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