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  • Do Creme Soaps contain beeswax?
    Creme's everyday soaps do not contain beeswax. Speciality or limited edition soaps are offered from time to time. Sometimes these formulations vary from the main brand soap and will contain beeswax. Be sure to click on the product desired and read the description of the particular, desired soap.
  • Why use milk in Crème Soaps?
    The addition of milk makes the soap moisturizing, gives it a lovely butterscotch color, and produces a longer-lasting bar. Milk also provides nutrients for the skin, though there is alot of debate as to how many of these nutrients remain intact during the saponification process.
  • What is borax and why is it used in Crème soaps?
    Borax is a naturally occuring mineral which is often used in detergents, soaps, and cosmetics. It is used in very small amounts in each batch of Crème Soaps to boost the cleansing properties.
  • Why use sugar in Crème Soaps?
    The very small addition of sugar helps boost bubbles and create rich lather when using Creme Soaps.
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