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Hand Crafted

Want something special? Handmade in small batches we can custom create for you. All containing natural ingredients such as whole milk and olive oil.

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  • Made with real milk

  • Moisturizing and gentle on skin

  • long-lasting bar

  • Handmade in small batches

  • silky lather with tight bubbles

  • Lightly fragranced

  • No added dyes, No Phthalates, no parabens, no paraffins

​Crème soaps

Moisturizing and gentle, our homemade body soap and shampoo bars are high-quality and nourishing because they're made in small batches with whole milk and olive oil. The high percentage of cow's milk and the lengthy cure time produce hard, long-lasting bars with a creamy lather of small, tight bubbles. With the same wholesome benefits of goats' milk soap, our lovely cow's milk body soap is safe to use on your face and body, and our cow's milk shampoo bars are specially formulated to gently cleanse hair and nourish the scalp. Our body soap and shampoo bars are lightly fragranced and contain no added dyes. With dozens of fragrance options from which to choose, everyone is sure to find one to love.

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